We Are the Florida Peanut Federation

Members of the Florida Peanut Federation are passionate about agriculture, especially in the great State of Florida, and especially the row crop Peanuts.  The membership body, including farmers, industry representatives, allied partners, and lovers of this amazing legume, are working diligently to build a sustainable and thriving peanut industry in Florida for years to come.  

Based on the needs of the industry, challenges of the peanut market, and ever-changing demands of consumers, FPF is committed to continually advancing the peanut business in Florida by meeting the needs in real time.  Through our program work via various avenues, leadership and staff of FPF commit to quarterly, as well as annual, goals.  

Our relationship with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), Division of Fruit and Vegetables, is strong.  Our group is funded, in part, by the Peanut Marketing Order.  This Marketing Order is essentially a self imposed tax that peanut farmers pay, that is then distributed, for the purposes of Marketing, Education, and Awareness.  "The Florida Peanut Marketing Order was established in 1975 for the purpose of supporting research, promotion and education for the state's peanut industry.  The self imposed assessment generates funds on a per ton basis for the purpose of increasing awareness, funding research, and supporting educational initiatives."  Reference fdacs.gov/agriculture-industry/fruit-and-vegetables/peanut-marketing-order



  • - Education/Promotion/Awareness
  • - - Environment : American farmers have always been good stewards of the land.  Peanut farmers are making continuous improvements in water conservation, chemical reduction, and farmland development.  Specific improvements in sustainability, 50% increased technology adoption, 43% decreased fertilizer use, 33% decreased water use, and 25% decreased pesticide use.
  • - - Wellness : Peanuts are a protein-packed, nutritious, plant-based food with a positive impact on health.  Research studies from Harvard and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirm that peanuts have a positive impact on disease prevention and health maintenance.  Peanuts are a good source of fiber, good fats, and contain more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • - - Sustainability : A recent study from Deloitte shoes that consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, globally minded and sustainability-focused.  Peanuts present an all-in-one solution for these increasingly important market demands.  No part of the peanut goes unused: hulls used for animal feed and fuel, hay made of peanut vines is used as ground cover and to enrich the soil, current research is underway to use peanut skins which contain high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols.  Additionally, we have the technology to create many useful substances out of peanut oil, biodiesel, plastics, lubricants.
  • - - Food Safety : The peanut industry invests in research to eliminate food allergies and follows regulations that prevent toxins from entering the food supply.  US peanut producers follow some of the most stringent food safety standards in the industry.  1% is the true percentage of Americans with a peanut allergy.  Through the National Peanut Board, we have invested $25 million to food allergy research, education, and outreach.
  • - - Community : Peanuts are the cornerstone crop of multigenerational farmers in the rural South, supporting land stewardship and the economy.  The 
  • - - Economy : The US peanut crop has an annual value of more than $1 billion, according to the USDA.


Organization Founding Premise

Since the Federation’s launch in 2017, we have rapidly grown to more than 200 dues-paying members.  Our members are mostly non-based peanut growers who want their voices to be heard in the halls of the US Congress to level the playing field for all peanut farmers.

The Federation was founded out of necessity.  As a result of the 2014 Farm Bill, traditional base peanut growers are eligible for a safety net provided by the US Treasury, while non-based peanut farmers are in danger of losing millions of dollars of investments, which jeopardizes thousands of farming jobs and countless small businesses and communities that rely upon the peanut growing industry.

Our goal is to simply level the playing field for base and non-base growers, while ensuring that we continue to grow in a thriving world market.  The Federation will continue to use its resources to assist in marketing, education, and research to promote our industry, while also working with US Congress to pass a Farm Bill that is equitable to all active peanut producers.

The Florida Peanut Federation is led by our board of directors who are focused on championing the voice of all peanut farmers.


Dwight Stansel, President

Board Member Representing All Counties in Florida: Member At-Large

Kevin Barrington, Vice President

Board Member Representing Region 5: Lafayette County

Donell Gwinn, Secretary-Treasurer

Board Member Representing Region 7: Suwannee, Madison, Jefferson Counties

Mike Adams 

Board Member Representing Region 1: Hamilton and Columbia Counties

Arlene Bell

Board Member Representing Region 8: Alachua, Levy and Marion Counties

Kelly Philman

Board Member Representing Region 3: Gilchrist County

Herman Sanchez, Jr.

Board Member Representing Region 6: Dixie County

Murray Tillis 

Board Member Representing Region 2: Alachua, Levy and Marion Counties

Clif Townsend

Board Member Representing Region 4: Suwannee, Madison, Jefferson Counties


Laura Fowler Goss

Executive Director